Which one is it? Affected by technology or effected by technology? It doesn’t really matter I’ll just Google it or hope you don’t know either and just skip over it.

Recently I was walking to work and I almost ran into this extremely polite elderly man with his far too obedient puppy. After I apologized he quickly raised his eyebrows saying, “well you don’t see that too often anymore!” He was surprised that instead of being hypnotized by my phone I was actually hypnotized by the words in a book.

This elderly man was right! We don’t see that anymore. Nowadays we have Kindles, Nooks, Sparknotes, IPhones, self driving cars, perfected audio text recording, etc.

At times technology makes me feel ridiculously smart because I have the ability to drop an amazing fact and back it up with “I read it somewhere” even if the website was Wikipedia and even though that site is editable which lacks credibility but it’s still accepted and i’m still going to use it.

At other times I feel as if my memory and energy levels are going downhill! A normal day is an overloaded day with constant emails, and overwhelming amount of information, social media check ins to catching up on Netflix shows and educating myself on a newer version of something. The day becomes so busy and exhausting that texting becomes a hassle and I settle for the audio text recorder instead.

Not sure how to spell a word? Why bother sounding it out when autocorrect is on the rescue? I adore technology because in all honestly it has changed the world for the better, it also made the world more accessible in many ways but it also drastically changed our [my] actions.

Our current world is so affected by technology that it seems we wouldn’t survive without it.

How would you really know how to drive yourself to Walmart without a navigation app?

Were you really there unless you checked into foursquare?

Did you really get married unless you changed your Facebook relationship status?

Did you really buy a coffee and croissant without posting it on Instagram with a inspiring quote caption?

Remember that technology has fantastic abilities and we live in a generation that is growing marvelously but don’t let it do all the work for you. Read a book or learn something outside of technology.

Do you dare take a break from the check ins, screens, texting, etc and see how you feel?