See that speck on the horizon. That faint glowing light, brightening with every blink. That’s 2016 and it’s heading your way.

If you’re planning to get fit, stop smoking or finally write that novel, stop. Why on earth did you wait until January, the international month of failure to tackle such an important life upgrade? Leave it a month, when the pressure is lessened and you can get your teeth into that particular challenge in peace.

January is for small wins, tiny gains that will ease you into a year of ups and downs; although we pray for more ups than the other.

Save January for those tiny resolutions you can know you’ll stick to. Granted, you may be too stuffed with leftovers to have an original thought. Here you’ll find a bundle from some of my favourite design studios that may just inspire you.

I might get stick for this, but I want to win Multi Adaptor some awards for our work.

Ben Brookbanks, Founding Partner & CD of Multi Adaptor

Take control of my life and challenge the ‘traditional’ role of a Graphic Designer

Natasha Nuttall, Designer & Blogger

To start using Sketch more on digital projects

Becca Muir, Digital Project Manager Cog Design

Our resolution is to be better and faster at getting case studies up on our site. It’s a constant challenge.

Max Ottignon, Co-founder & Creative Director Ragged Edge

My resolution is to keep saying nice things about nice work. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to let everyone know.

Sophie James, Studio & Online Manager Aldworth James & Bond

To be better at saying ‘no’ and to use the time we free up to be better at self-promotion stuff.

Michael Smith, Managing Director & Creative Director Cog Design

Ours is to scare ourselves at least once on a project, learning new things and making mistakes in the process

John Owens, Founder & Creative Director, Instruct

To use my Product Design degree at some point in 2016

Milly Burroughs, Freelance Design Publicist

It’s really boring but I need to get on top of my admin this year. I hate it, but it’s essential. And glitter. lots of glitter, (personally and also professionally if possible).

Soofiya Andry, Freelance Designer & Lecturer

Now it’s over to you, tell us what you plan to achieve in 2016