On march 8 we celebrate women, we recognize their struggle for rights and equality.

This week we want to honor those women with 10 of the most iconic posters Women’s Day. Enjoy!

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8th March Women’s Day Typography Poster by Burcu Gunister (2011)


Women’s Day poster by Sonia Dearling (2013) hey-design-woman-10

The most iconic American”We Can Do It!” poster produced by J. Howard Miller hey-design-woman-1

Give Us Women’s Suffrage by Karl Maria Stadler (March 1914) hey-design-woman-2

“Dia Internacional De La Done” by Miguel Porlan (2012) hey-design-woman-3

“Women” by the Sinn Féin Department of Women’s Affairs (1982) hey-design-woman-4

Soviet poster celebrating March 8, International Women’s Day hey-design-woman-5

J.Galkus Poster for international Women’s Day (1968) hey-design-woman-6

Soviet Postcard in honor of Women’s Day hey-design-woman-7

International Women’s Day by Irena Kuczborska (1956) hey-design-woman-8

And here’s some extra posters that we find really cool.

hey-design-woman-11 hey-design-woman-12 hey-design-woman-13 hey-design-woman-14