It’s the GIF era guys, we have travolta, and travolta again, but I assure you, you have never seen anything like this before! This beautiful, amazing gifs were made by the talented Yoyo La Ricecorpse, she is a genius. Enjoy her work!

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hey-design-magazine-gif1 hey-design-magazine-gif2 hey-design-magazine-gif3 hey-design-magazine-gif4 hey-design-magazine-gif5 hey-design-magazine-gif6 hey-design-magazine-gif7 hey-design-magazine-gif8 hey-design-magazine-gif9 hey-design-magazine-gif10 hey-design-magazine-gif11 hey-design-magazine-gif12 hey-design-magazine-gif13 hey-design-magazine-gif14 hey-design-magazine-gif15