Lots of businesses are on the look for “the next Facebook.” They dive into every new social media platform to connect with a relatively small number of consumers, sometimes just to be able to say that they are there.

But why look for “the next Facebook” when the current one is growing, both in audience and in revenue?  Facebook has 1.59 billion active users each month.  One billion of those people are using groups and 500 million use events. The “pages” set up is used by over 50 million small businesses. And new frontiers are on the horizon, like their virtual reality software, Oculus.

Your Facebook presence should be viewed as a critical part of your communication plan. A well-designed banner ad will increase your site’s traffic and ensure you are using this social media giant to enhance your overall communications efforts.

12 Step Process:

Step 1

Once you are logged into Facebook, click on the pulldown menu at the top right of the screen and go to Settings, then Ad Manager.  You’ll want to click “Power Editor” in the left hand menu or, since Facebook sometimes changes its layout, you can go directly to this URL:   https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor/

As an aside, Power Editor only works with Google Chrome, so you’ll need to install that browser if you don’t already have it. It’s free.

Step 2

Click on “Download Power Editor” so that you can access Facebook advertisement data.

Step 3

Facebook organizes their ads by campaigns. So you will need to create a campaign by clicking on “campaigns” and naming your ad set.  This is also where you will set a budget, which you can do by day or in total.

Step 4

Next, you’ll select “ads” and then “create ad.”  This is the stage of the game where you want to give some specifics about the ad, like a name and a product or sale. Objectives will vary based on your business. Are you looking for clicks to your website? Likes on your Facebook page? RSVPs to an event you’ve set up? Select the objective that best fits your objectives for this ad.

Step 5

Under the heading “Page Post,” you can create a new post by clicking on “Create New Unpublished Post” or select from the drop down menu from one of your already-published options.

Step 6

If you’ve picked “Create New Unpublished Post”, you will next need to enter your URL, the text of the post and also the type of call to action button, like “Learn More, “Sign Up” or “Shop Now.” Do not say “Click Here” because your audience has no idea what they’ll see next. Trust is key when outreaching to your potential clients through ads. This will help direct your audience to the right course of action.

Step 7

Images are so important to Facebook advertising, and the next step is when you will upload your picture. Make sure it is high quality and conveys your message. The recommended size for these image is 600 pixels x 315 pixels. Then upload the banner image by clicking on “select an image.”

Step 8

Review all of the components of the ad, including the text, URL, call to action and image. You can set the scope of the audience based on age, location and other factors. Then click “create post” when you are ready to publish.

Step 9

Select the ad in Power Editor and select the “upload changes” button in near the top of the page.  This will upload the changes to Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Step 10

You can now go to the Ad Manager in Facebook and click on “Campaigns and Ads” or just go straight to this web address: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/campaigns/

This will bring up your results by day, the total cost, the budget and other critical information.   You will also see it as it compares to the other ads you’ve run, which can be a helpful comparison tool.

Step 11

Click on the ad you are creating, click on it in the list of ads before you. Banner ads will have a “download” button, you can click “view in news feed” to see how it will appear to your audience.

Step 12

Check in your own news feed for the ad to see how it appears!

Facebook is an important tool for attracting new customers, business conversions and brand enhancement. Even Facebook itself explains that different objectives can be met by different ads. For example, now that Facebook owns Instagram, they even include that as an ad option.  But by creating a solid Facebook banner ad, you can increase your website traffic and brand recognition.