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In the realm of digital art and photography, the design trend of digital imaging is on the rise in advertising messages and creative graphical art. Your initial glance at such images won’t reveal much and can be difficult to understand but once you look at them from a deeper perspective; then these images don’t fail to impress. These art images depict an idea representation that is somewhere between dreams and reality. Such images are created with creative thinking and analysis to blend the realistic world with your imagination as it has an interdependent combination of high tech editing tools blended with human interaction.


A lot of creative thinking and idea generation gets involved for the development of such images which is not for the ordinary mind. Such types of digital images are created by a specific breed of creative digital artists who know their skill art with digital photography and editing. They pick illustrated peaceful of disturbed concepts of nature or surroundings of the world and pep it up with surprising, artistic and miniscule detailing to give out an interesting concept or idea. As a result, digital images with abstract objects or interesting ideas are created by countless editing efforts and layers behind the computer screen to bring life to these complex ideas in the creative minds of these genius artists. With their

unique concepts and creativity, each detail is carefully crafted and edited to leave no stone turned to surprise the viewer and make it look exceptionally interesting.

Finding the Idea

However, creating such digital images isn’t an easy task; it requires rough sketches for the digital art design and an interesting concept to blend with the idea easily without making it too complex or difficult to look at. The end is never the same as the beginning as there are many pieces to the puzzle to think and locate on the digital art and fix them all together. The artistic or the creative concept has to take shape in the creative process which could even take days or months for its actual realization by the viewer.

Batelco Directory_Logo


Blending the Elements Together

Each element has be to distinctly aligned and blended with the digital art to give realization to the creative concept. For this purpose, digital photography is conducted to collect different images and see which image is best suited with the abstract idea and the concept. The digital photography is mostly regarding the landscape, surroundings or nature elements as it can portray a deeper thought provoking idea for an advertising message or concept. Famous designer Maggie Taylor says ‘’I audition things. I

add layers in Photoshop and build my image up usually pushing it way too far. It’s the most playful part of my process’’


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illusrated by Maggie Taylor

Killing It for Success

With intriguing objects; blended together in digital photography, many brands such as UNHCR, Panasonic, Brandkarma, Batelco directory and Axe have adapted the creative design trend in marketing and advertising messages; using it on different social media platforms with innovative strategies to drive traffic and have an impact on the audience.


AXE: Unleash the chaos.

This playful buildup of element in digital art and photography pushes away the creative boundaries to bring life to a creative concept and capitalize on designing brand identity, advertising and marketing strategies to give out the message.

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