How do you reposition a telco to meet the needs of the Netflix generation?

Optus, Australia’s second largest telco, is embarking upon an aggressive change strategy, expanding from delivering telecommunications to creating rich customer experiences with an emphasis on entertainment. Re Agency was asked to create a new brand, fit for this bold new world. The new positioning places Optus’s iconic ‘Yes’ in the hands of its customers. The brand is shifting from saying ‘Yes’ to creating ‘Yes Moments’ for customers. When Optus gets things right, the response from the customer is ‘Yes’. Conceived as a digitally native brand, the new identity pares back design elements to let entertainment speak for itself. The brand expression feels bigger, bolder and lives through music, sport and TV content. With a brand as relevant and compelling as the content it delivers, Optus is rewriting the rules on what a telco can be. The new brand strives to inspire people with what Optus can make possible.

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It’s 2016. Australia is the world’s biggest Game of Thrones pirate, telcos are considered a commodity and Netflix has transformed the way people watch TV.

Optus is the second largest telecommunications provider in Australia offering mobile, fixed and broadband services to consumer and business customers. In 2013, Re introduced a new brand for Optus. As an antidote to the market leader Telstra, the new brand focused on righting the wrongs of telco and being the consumer champion. It disrupted the category with its playful typography and Olly – a character who played the role of the customers’ wingman. This rebrand achieved its goal of reenergising Optus as the challenger to Telstra and helped regain significant market share.

Yes Moments

In 1992, Optus introduced their brand promise, ‘Yes’. Today, ‘Yes’ is still a strong brand asset but over time has lost meaning. For the rebrand, Re Agency elevated ‘Yes’ to give it a more defined role. When FedEx CEO, Frederick W. Smith, realised it wasn’t packages they were delivering but peace of mind, that’s when the Fedex brand started to make sense; and it’s the same for Optus. Rather than delivering gigabytes to mobile phones, they deliver ‘Yes Moments’ to customers. Those moments 
 in life when you feel more excited and more alive.

Amplifying Yes

To give Yes a stronger presence, Re Agency decoupled it from the logo and made it a brand expression all of its own. The ‘Yes mark’ represents the voice of the customer, hence being rendered as a hand drawn script. If Optus makes ‘Yes Moments’ happen for their customers then the response will be Yes. 
In short, Yes is the answer to everything customers want – even before they know it.


Importantly, Yes is not a logo – it’s a brand expression. Similarly to Toyota’s ‘Oh, what a feeling’ and the Nike swoosh, it’s an expression used to amplify the feeling of the brand – ‘Yes’. Representing the customers’ excitement, the ‘Yes mark’ is incredibly free, playful and expressive. It’s emblazoned across our communications, it wraps itself around things it loves and even dances 
in animation. Creative agencies are encouraged to be playful and expressive 
with its application.