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This week i wanted to show the work of Matt Ericsson, a Graphic Designer from Minnesota. He specializes in Brand Identity, Packaging Design and Illustration. His work has a variety of styles but always with a minimalistic, simple and clean aspect respecting brand standards and guidelines. He was in charge of designing the Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Bottle, a project by Cue Agency.

His work is a combination of modern techniques with a vintage style using illustration as his main tool, with smooth shapes and incredible typography, Matt has a way to highlight the important aspects of every design creating unique and better-looking results.

Let’s remember art has its own way to be perceived, and design is the path to share this perception the way you want or need to, so finding a solution to share your client’s message playing with this art is what creates a sophisticated design.

These are some of the best examples from Matt’s work, but you can check out his entire portfolio here. I hope you enjoy it as i did.

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