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Flow Festival is the creative expression of a new generation looking to experiment sensations with music, friends and urban elements.

Every year thousands of people gather together with one mission, to enjoy a nigh in Helsinki full of art and creative sounds. The Identity made for the 2016 Flow Festival by BOND Agency was from the concept of a new generation that is evolving every year, a generation that seeks expression using technology and social media as their allies.

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“Flow Festival is a leading European music and arts boutique festival. Bond created the visual identity for the festival in 2015 and 2016. The identity is based on an idea of the festival visitors forming an urban tribe. The festival brings joy to these tribe members, but at the same time is charmingly odd and quirky. We emphasized this mix of joy and quirkiness with handmade custom made typography, illustrations and a summery colour scheme. We also played around with different contemporary tribe symbols and illustrations that eventually became the carrying elements of the look.” says BOND Agency.



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