October is often seen as a time to embrace everything pumpkin-related. People are looking forward to Halloween and on toward November and Thanksgiving. It is an excellent time to pull fall elements into web designs and show customers just how much you appreciate and share their love of fall.

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There are many different ways your business can embrace Halloween, such as creating a special Halloween version of your product, a special marketing video, using the colors black and orange or hosting a Halloween themed contest. Keep it light and fun and you can’t go wrong.

There are many examples of businesses using Halloween themes and marketing ideas to attract new customers and entertain current customers.

Temporarily Change Your Logo

One way you can embrace the pumpkin is through your logo. This works especially well for a logo that is mostly text. You can simply replace the letter “O” with a pumpkin or the letter “I” with a skeleton.

Google does an excellent job of adding some holiday finesse to their logo, and especially at Halloween. Each year, they come up with something new. For example, one year they had jack-o-lanterns in place of the “O”s and a spider web between the “l” and the “e”. Another year, they created a witch’s cauldron with the letters bobbing in it and a witch’s broom replacing the letter “l”.

Create a Spooky Marketing Video

If you don’t want a Halloween theme to completely take over your page but still want to embrace it, create a spooky marketing video. The video can then be uploaded to YouTube or a similar site and shared on social media. You can also embed it into your website’s blog as additional content for your site.

Ikea did an interesting video that accomplished this. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Shining with Jack Nicholson, you know there is a scene where a little boy rides his bike down one of the long hallways of the inn that appears in the movie. Ikea took this concept of a little boy on a red tricycle and had him ride through different areas where furniture is set up. The lighting is dark and creepy and the lamps are flickering.

It is a video that definitely grabs the viewer’s attention.

Create a Landing Page

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Another idea is to create an event that surrounds the holiday. Rather than revamping your entire website with pumpkins, ghosts and things that go bump in the night, you simply create a single page that has a Halloween theme and promotes the event that ties into the holiday.

Universal Orlando, between mid-September through Halloween, hosts a themed event called “Halloween Horror Nights.” Some of the features include rides turned into haunted houses, scare scenes with Hollywood-like monsters and live shows.

Everything is Halloween-themed for this event, including the behind the scenes “R.I.P.” tours. To attract visitors to the park during this time, the company has created a specific landing page that features the events that occur during “Halloween Horror Nights.”

The page is black and has a dark feel to it. There is an old-fashioned scroll with a skull on it used as frames and page dividers. Using a landing page is an excellent way to add as many themed elements as you’d like without distracting from the main purpose of your overall website.

Pumpkin Everything

There are some business models that simply lend themselves to a Halloween theme. For example, if a big portion of your business each year is thanks to Halloween, then it might make sense to create an entirely different website just to promote those products.

One example of this can be found at Pumpkin Gutter. This is a website to showcase the pumpkin carvings of artist Scott Cummins of Perryton, Texas. Cummins has another website called Outside the Lines where he showcases his bio, resources for teachers and links back to the pumpkin carving website.

How Pumpkin Crazy Should You Go?

While a pumpkin logo or a special deal is probably a good idea, letting Halloween completely take over your website for the month of October probably is not. While different markets have varying best practices, too much Halloween still might turn off some customers, especially if they don’t celebrate it. For instance, the Japanese celebrate a festival called Obon, which is different than Halloween. That means Japanese visitors to your website may not get a Jack-O-Lantern reference.

The best advice on embracing pumpkin fever? Add some fun to your site but don’t let pumpkins explode over everything.