The Agencies’s Dinner is a benefit supper to support the Fondation Marie-Vincent, a Montreal organization whose mission is to assist children who are victims of sexual violence.

Developed around the theme, Le Noël de votre enfance (Christmas of your childhood), the evening’s concept paired off seven creative directors from Montreal communication agencies and seven chefs. Inspired by their memories, each duo revisited Christmas dishes from their childhoods to create a Holiday menu.

The event’s classic souvenir book was transformed into a game book to turn guests back into kids for the evening. Expanding on the idea “Tonight, you’re allowed to play at the table,” the book was packed with kids’ games printed on portraits of the evening’s players: cut-outs, labyrinth, word search, connect the dots and exquisite corpse, to name but a few.

The team developed a memorable, strong and distinctive graphic universe that is flexible enough to support a different theme each year.

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Creative Director: David Kessous. Producer: lg2. Designer: Philippe Cossette. Writer: Geneviève Langlois, Miranda Bouchard, Marie-Ève Leclerc-Dion. Product Manager: Antoine Levasseur, Marion Haimon, Sophie Grenat. Photographer: Luc Robitaille, Pénélope St-Cyr Robitaille.