Many of us have extremely busy schedules, especially in our work lives. We’re constantly looking for ways to be more efficient, so that we can get everything done.

Sometimes, with keeping track of customer data, online files, social media and the like, it seems that technology makes our lives busier instead of easier. Luckily, it can have the opposite affect if you choose the right technologies; so you can reap the benefits of technology without drowning in extra to-dos.

Here are five technologies that will improve your business’ productivity by helping you manage all that important data and streamline your business’ projects.

Cloud-Based Databases

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Workers can lose hours upon hours looking through filing folders and multiple databases for the information they need.

Putting all of this data in one place makes it much easier to find. Putting it in the cloud makes it accessible from anywhere.

Cloud-based databases can make your business run much more efficiently and could even increase sales by reducing the length of your sales cycle.

One such program, ClickTime, allows employees to track their hours, mileage and expenses while on the road. Having all of that information in one place that’s accessible from anywhere streamlines this process and helps keep everyone connected and informed.

Collaboration Software

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Today, a lot of employers are working with teams that are dispersed around the world and decreasing the number of employees in their on-site offices.

This reduces the cost of renting or owning an office building and allows employers to pull from a much bigger pool of qualified workers. However, if you’re going to run your business virtually, you need some way to connect all of your employees so that they can work on projects together.

There are many software programs out there that are built for collaboration. Google offers some free solutions, such as Google Docs and Google Slides.

There is also more specified and intricate software available, such as Salesforce, a type of program called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRMs like Salesforce allow you to manage your customer interactions, including sales, customer service and marketing all in one shared space.

Data Consolidation

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Today, so many of our devices are connected to the Internet. The data from these devices can be extremely useful, but it can be difficult to keep track of it all.

By using technology to consolidate all of this information, you can keep an eye on all of it and get a look at the big picture too.

This capability can help almost any type of business in a variety of areas from customer service to safety to productivity.

Caterpillar, Inc., the construction equipment giant, offers Cat Connect, a technology system that collects data from technology-connected Cat equipment. This data can be used to monitor many aspects of a construction site and improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

Accounting Software

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Of course, every business needs to keep detailed tabs on their finances, and there are plenty of software programs that help businesses do just that.

Today, there are so many accounting software options that you can really personalize your software by picking the service and the features that best fit your needs.

Many of the options available are easy to use and feature user-friendly interfaces. Some of them are also based in the cloud and feature mobile versions and add-ons. Many of the cloud-based services offer the ability to export data if needed. Most programs also come with user support services.

There are a lot of options to choose from, and what’s best for your business really depends on your needs. Quickbooks, Intuit, Xero, Zoho Accounting and FreshBooks are some the most popular choices.

Social Media Management Software

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Social media has become extremely integral to a business’ marketing and customer service. There are so many social media sites, though, that it can seem impossible to keep track of them all.

Using social media management software can help you make sure you’re posting regularly to Twitter, responding to comments on Facebook, connecting with customers over Snapchat and whatever else is on your social media calendar.

Programs, such as Hootsuite, allow you to track all of your posts and analyze how your posts are doing, so you can improve their social media marketing. You can also track your mentions and messages to see how your brand is being perceived.

Having all of that information in once place helps you to optimize your social media strategy and spend less time doing it.


The growing amount of available data, the scattered array of online resources and the globalization of business are making technology more and more necessary in today’s business world. Keeping track of all of this and keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge. By taking advantage of some of the productivity-boosting technology that’s available, you can harness the power of tech and optimize your business for today’s world.