We’re often given tips on how to market our businesses to our local community or on a national level. But what about the businesses that provide a service or product to both a local and global community? Trying to appeal to both locations can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, the internet is making it easier and easier to reach potential customers no matter where they are. If you’re trying to reach customers in your community while also attracting the attention of individuals across the globe, there are few things you can do — both online and offline — to grow your audience.

Here are seven ways you can promote your business both locally and globally.

1. Manage Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are a large part of the local SEO strategy. Because a local shopper will likely turn to online reviews to determine whether or not you are a company worth buying from, you’ll want to have a number of positive stories from past customers available online. The same applies to international shoppers considering buying from your website.

Be sure to respond appropriately to the reviews you receive, like the Hard Rock Café does. Positive reviews should receive a thank-you and an invitation to visit again. If you receive a negative review, look for a way to fix the problem.

2. Connect With Social Media Influencers

Using a social media platform for your business may not be enough to get the word to spread. If you really want to get a conversation started about your company online, enlist the help of social media influencers to spread the word.

Wendy’s is a good example of a brand using social media influencers to build a buzz around their company. Because influencers already have a steady following of fans who trust and value their opinions, you’re more likely to build a strong relationship with your audience.

3. Host a Local Event

Local events are a great way to boost your authority in your community. Through hosting networking events, meet-ups or a speaker series, you can get many likeminded individuals in your area to come together.

Y Studios in San Francisco uses their event calendar to boost their image while also getting to know other thought leaders in the area. Through hosting a variety of events, visitors can get an idea of what Y Studios can offer while also enhancing their own professional lives.

4. Be Available in Forums

Forums are one of the best ways to help confused or lost customers and clients. Because many users turn to forums like Reddit to ask questions or seek advice, being available on these pages can help you boost authority and attract new clients.

The phone company HTC is known to use Reddit to not only help customers, but also to get them to convert when they’re struggling with other brand’s phones. By answering questions and offering advice, HTC was able to show other users of the forum that they care about customers, enticing them to make the switch as well.

5. Share Your Knowledge

In order to build brand authority, you want to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. The best way to do this is to share your knowledge and experience with your community and customers. You may be able to do this through online webinars or speaking events, such as talking at a local conference.

Simon Sinek is a great example of someone who wants to share his experience and knowledge with his community. From TED talks to speaking at conferences and events, Simon frequently finds ways to get in front of a crowd and share his message.

6. Get on YouTube

Videos are becoming increasingly popular in digital marketing strategies. From social media posts to blog posts, YouTube videos can be featured all over the web to help you attract new customers to your business. YouTube also presents you with the opportunity to attract users on the platform, just like a new search engine.

Kraft does a great job at using their YouTube channel to attract new audience members. From providing recipes and basic how-tos in the kitchen, Kraft is able to gain more attention and improve their visibility online.

7. Partner With a Non-Profit or Charity

Partnering with a non-profit or charity not only boosts your PR, but it also makes you feel good about the work you’re doing. When you’re able to help a charity in your area or across the world, you can associate your brand with the good work they’re doing. This can improve your trustworthiness with audience members all over the world.

One strong example of a business and non-profit partnership is between P&G Pampers and UNICEF. P&G Pampers frequently runs campaigns, such as the 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine campaign, that allow P&G Pampers customers to contribute to a good cause.


When promoting your business locally and globally, always consider what your target audience may be looking for. If you’re able to provide them with the content, campaigns or promotion they will connect strongly with, you’re guaranteed to get more results.