If you are trying to create conversions, then landing pages are one of the best ways to accomplish your goals. You shouldn’t just limit your site to one landing page either. For example, increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 helps companies see a 55% increase in the number of leads.

Landing pages are important because they are the first impression your customer has of your website.

Video Converts

Using video on your landing page has a huge impact. Landing pages with videos see as much as an 86% conversion rate increase.

A good example of using video on a landing page can be seen at Brightline. There is an Play button icon in the center of the landing page screen. When the user clicks on it, a video pops up showing just exactly what Brightline is and why you should be interested.

Scroll Down

The scroll down feature has long been used on landing pages, but today’s landing pages take it to a new level, incorporating animation and other elements before the person scrolls down to get more information.

One website that uses this feature particularly well is Facility. They offer some animation when you immediately land on the page as well as a general concept of what they have to offer. Scroll down and you get basic information about the company.


One really interesting technique is to offer a transition of your page to add a lot of visual interest. This can vary greatly from design to design, but is most definitely an advanced, multi-media technique.

A perfect example of a transition done well can be seen on Safe Events. When you first land on the page, the background is a vivid blue with a large arrow with a background image pointing toward some text. Scroll down and the arrow expands into the full background image. It is very eye-catching and exciting to the site visitor.

Highlighting the Product

If your goal for your landing page is to sell a product, then highlighting that product makes perfect sense. You can do this in a number of ways. You can show a big, beautiful image of the product, show it being used, or add a video.

Mustache does a good job of showing their “product” in use on cell phones. They create apps, so showing the apps pulled up is a great start. In addition, they keep it simple with the product in the background and vivid text on top. The navigation is pushed to the right side and grayed out to avoid distracting from the thing the site wants you to focus on.

Full Screen Background

Last year, you probably noticed that there were full screen backgrounds popping up almost on a daily basis. This is a great look for a landing page because it sets a tone for the overall brand image. Full screen backgrounds allow you to use every inch of space on the browser’s screen.

Climber does a good job of incorporating a full background into their landing page. There is an image of a beautiful, but slightly transparent mountain scene. This sets the tone without overwhelming the page with a heavy photo. The rest of the page is kept very simple. The word “Climber” is in bold text at the top. Just under that are five icons that point to different areas of the site.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is a great way to capture site visitors’ attention. You can tell a story with words, images, or walking the user through a series of steps. One great example of a landing page that tells a story can be found at Hybrid Forest. The page is set up to look like a cartoon forest.

When you click the arrow to the right, the screen scrolls through the forest and to a little cottage where the story of the company is told. Click on the next arrow and the screen pans into another area of the forest where the story of their work is told. Finally, go to “Contact Us” and you’ll be taken to yet another area with additional information. It is quite a unique landing page and site that really captures the creative spirit of what they do.


These landing pages are excellent examples of some of the creative and effective things you can offer to pull people into your site and convert them into customers. Keep in mind what your end goal is for your landing page, and you’ll be able to ascertain the best technique for your business.