There are approximately 28.8 million small businesses in the United States, with small businesses of 500 employees or less making up 99.7% of those businesses. On top of competing with all those other businesses, you’ll also have to compete with chains, depending upon what industry you’re in.

Only one-third of small businesses survive past the 10 year mark. Knowing that you are up against competition and that growing a business is hard work means that you need to get as creative as possible with your advertising. One thing you must do is make sure the neighborhood and those driving past know you exist and are open for business.

Large window graphics are one way to both grab the attention of passerby and send out a message about sales, events or even a grand opening. They add a pop of color and interest to an otherwise drab window without spending hours changing the displays. There are many benefits to large window graphics, including:

1. Unique Factor

The average person is bombarded with advertising every day. She opens her email inbox and there are ads from all the companies she shops at. She drives to work, listens to the radio and hears more ads. She flips through a magazine at lunch and sees ads staring back at her. On and on it goes. Some days it seems as though the advertising onslaught is never-ending.

Getting through all of this noise to gain the attention of your target audience isn’t easy. You have to come up with not only unique promotions but find a way to make the audience pay attention. A brightly colored, large window cling may grab someone’s attention when they visit a nearby business or are waiting in traffic.

2. Cost Effective

Window graphics are also very inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising. A typical radio ad costs around $1000 by the time you add in writing the ad, producing the ad and airing the ad (that cost can vary widely, though, depending upon your market). At the same time, for $1000, you could swap out your vinyl window graphics and generate fresh interest each time.

For smaller businesses, the cost of a radio or television ad simply might not be worth the cost involved. There are no guarantees that any type of advertising will generate revenue. Keeping costs low can keep you in the black. As your business grows, you can always continue to invest in additional advertising, but while you are small, window graphics are a great place to start.

3. Grab Interest

90% of the information our brains receive and interpret is visual. It probably isn’t surprising that posts on social media that include images also get more engagement online. It is estimated that having signage is worth as many as 24 full-page newspaper ads over the course of a year. There is an amazing return on your investment.

Keep in mind that without clear signs to indicate your business is present, many people might not even know you are open and ready for them to come into your store.

Signage is a vital part of running any brick and mortar business these days. Grabbing the interest involves coming up with a good concept for your window graphics and then working with a professional company to create high quality, eye-catching signs.

4. Easy to Change

Large window graphics are made of flexible and inexpensive material. This means you can easily and inexpensively change them as often as you’d like and your budget allows.

For example, you might put up a cling for your grand opening, but then swap it out for your first big sale or a charity event you’re hosting. Time for fall school clothes shopping and you run a small children’s boutique? Announce that you have back to school clothes in stock with a window graphic.

Sales and specials should always be announced. While a large sign can be spotted as potential customers drive past, don’t rule out adding smaller signs alongside the larger ones to put the focus on a word such as “sale” or “hot”, etc.

There are so many ways you can use window graphics for your business. You can even use them to thank your loyal customers for sticking with you and helping make your business a success.

Discuss the material you plan to use with your sign company, too. Some window graphics can be used more than once, making this an even more flexible and cost effective solution.

5. Variety

Because they are a fraction of the price of stationary signs and other advertising, you can afford to use almost any color or color combination imaginable. For example, if you took out a full page color ad in a magazine, you would pay for the use of those different colors.

However, with vinyl window clings, you will be able to get a sign in full color for very little money. Of course, you can still just use simple one or two color designs, but having the option to add more colors whenever you’d like, or to use unusual colors, is quite a benefit.

Also, since you can afford to purchase more than one large window graphic sign, you will always have a variety of different signs in your window. This will keep your store looking fresh and up to date. Customers will see that you are trying to keep in new products and offer new promotions to keep them coming back for more.


The benefits of large window graphics are numerous. Because you won’t have to spend a fortune to get started, you can afford to purchase some clings from the first day your business is open. As you replace them frequently, your business will stay current and interesting to potential customers in the area. These signs help stimulate curiosity and will bring new customers into your business.