Soon humanity will start the first planetary colonisation. Before industries get set up in this new home all products will have to be imported from earth. This will be a drastic change in the way we look at the production: transportation will represent most of the cost. Estimations are yet around 5000€ per kilogram with a limited storage volume.

The Mars Chair is made for a cost and space optimisation. Carbon fiber is usually an expensive material, however in this context its ratio between weight and strength will make it a cheap alternative to most furniture’s materials.

“Even by adapting the Earth furniture’s regulations to Mars gravity this chair weights only 500g. It can be stacked every centimetre meanwhile supporting the weight of a sumō wrestler on Mars. This aproach allows to save around 7000€ per Mars Chair as well as 75% of the packed volume compared to an average stackable chair” says Thomas.

This product is a small step closer to Mars, but aim to set up the ground base of a way of thinking about the production implication of the early stage of space colonisation.

Design project by Thomas MISSÉ.