Display advertising is useful for companies in a variety of industries. Display ads, which appear as banners on websites, can target a specific demographic to help reach an ideal audience and include a headline, text and URL. Typically, display ads also contain a graphic, video or form of audio.

Several factors go into creating a successful display ad. One important aspect is the landing page you end up at after clicking on a display ad. The landing page from a display advert should provide all the information needed to turn visitors into leads. The landing page’s visual theme should align with the visual theme of the ad, helping to maintain a cohesive experience. Additionally, if the display ad tuts a specific value or value, the landing page should emphasize that value or deal in similarly prominent fashion.

Regarding design, display ads should stand out, though never detract from the page’s content, especially in a way that annoys users. For example, a flashing ad is a big no-no. An effective display ad utilizes a clean design with eye-catching elements and a cohesive color scheme. It should also clearly state the essential information, like the business’ name and logo, in addition to what they’re offering.

While keeping in mind the aspects of an effective display ad, many industries can utilize display advertising to their benefit. Eight of these industries are:


The fashion industry can benefit immensely from display advertising since they can visually showcase a product within the ad. Stock photos tend to look amateur if used in display ads. Using high-quality images of their original products will make for a much more successful display ad. The industry can either showcase their fashion product as a standalone item or show a model wearing the product as a demonstration.

Additionally, display ads provide an opportunity to give information on sales, with the ability to place several notable products in the ad with a big “20% Off!” to attract attention.


A display ad can effectively visualize an exercise or weight loss program by showing before-and-after photos. Alternatively, a display ad can show someone wearing their old pants, showing in dramatic form how their appearance has changed for the better thanks to the program. Exercise and weight loss programs also can promote benefits like “Burn fat” and “Flush toxins” to reinforce the effectiveness.


The tech industry is eclectic, ranging from software to hardware to technical support. In general, effective display ads in the tech industry tend to promote the cutting-edge. Whether it’s Amazon touting that you can stream thousands of movies on their platform or Cisco proclaiming the “next wave of the Internet” requiring the “next wave of security,” the tech industry can use display ads to show their expertise and grasp on the cutting-edge in tech.


The auto industry can simultaneously showcase the sleekness of an automobile while touting its features. The sight of a shiny new car combined with glowing specs, like a certain horsepower or all-wheel drive, can tempt viewers considering a new car purchase. Display advertising is also a great way to showcase deals, like 0% APR or other appealing financing options. With the addition of text like “limited time offer” viewers of the display ad will feel an additional rush to take advantage of the offer.

Movie and TV

The film and TV industry can also use display advertising to their advantage, especially in the form of shortened movie trailers. Showing a glimpse of an exciting scene can captivate audiences enough to want to play the rest of the trailer. Additionally, including key information like the film’s release date and starring actors and director can help attract fans of those individuals. Film and TV already have creative content for marketing purposes, so it’s sensical to involve that content in display ads.


The restaurant and fast food industries do a great job of making their food look extra delicious in pictures. Quality food photography can create a mouth-watering result, which makes for compelling display advertising. Someone may be browsing the web hungry, wondering what to eat. Upon seeing a display ad for a local restaurant or fast food chain advertising a new menu item or some form of comfort food with an appealing photo, the person viewing the ad will be tempted to involve that food in their plans for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Display advertising also works well in the health and rehab center industry. The ad can feature an endorsement from someone who successfully underwent treatment at the facility or a list of things the medical center can treat.

Some rehab center display ads ask a question, like “Have you struggled with alcohol or drugs?” to engage an appropriate audience that’s potentially in need of help. Like other industries, a display ad for a rehab center should be visually engaging and target a specific audience, accomplished by asking a question like those above.


Musicians and others in the music industry can use display advertising to promote a new album or single release. They can include a link to the song or album on Spotify in the ad so that users can click on it and immediately start listening to the artist. This type of display advertising will be especially useful when displayed on music websites, where the demographic aligns with those who may be interested in the artist, especially if the genre of the artist matches what the site covers.

Bottom Line

These eight industries can all see substantial success with display advertising, using practices like accurate demographic targeting and a cohesive, clear, engaging ad.

*Cover image by Eleana Gkogka.