Everything begins with your landing page. When a new customer or client discovers your brand, it’s what they see first and how they learn what you stand for. When loyal customers return, it’s where they go to dive back into your sales funnel or engagement system. It has to convey your message well, provide an ample representation of your brand’s personality and capture more targeted leads.

By that right, you could argue your landing page holds the brunt of responsibility for your website. Sure, there are other important pages, elements and even pieces of content, but your landing page is where it all begins.

Despite this, so many landing pages out there are poorly designed, hinder conversion rates and do an incredibly shoddy job of representing the brand in question. Even more have a decent landing page that could be improved or made more efficient to boost ratings and lead conversions.

Looking for new ways to reel in customers and convince them to take the plunge? Update your landing page, and do it by example. Here’s a look at nine sites with landing pages that shine.

1. TruliaWeb Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

Real estate database provider Trulia pulls no punches with their landing page. Head straight there, and you’ll see it’s simple, elegant and downright captivating.

The tagline “discover a place you’ll love to live” sits over the top of a beautiful photo of your average neighborhood. Below that is a box to input a location, presumably to start your search for housing in the area. A grid layout of homes for sale nearby comes up, and the site pings your location when you first visit.

This serves multiple purposes. If you want to look somewhere specific, you have the search box right in front of you. Below that are listings of local homes, in your current area, to get you right into the action.

It’s clear what Trulia wants to do for their customers — help them find a suitable home or property as soon as possible.

2. LandbotWeb Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

Up next is Landbot, and they take the proverbial cake when it comes to delivering an amazing landing page. As a service, the company helps other brands create and deploy chatbot-powered landing pages.

You know what a chatbot is, right? If not, it’s an automated messaging tool to engage with your audience. Chatbots are also hot in web design and development right now.

Landbot puts their product front and center on their initial page. Right away you get to interact with and experience a working chatbot, complete with visual eye candy in the form of emojis, GIFs and great humor.

As it plays out, it’s clear that bot wants you to answer some questions that are meant to replace a traditional form. It’s ingenious really, and it helps the Landbot team learn a bit about potential clients right from the get-go. More importantly, it shows off their product, gives a clear cut idea of what they have to offer, and also why you would want to invest in them as a brand.

3. ShopifyWeb Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

Shopify’s landing page for their free trial service is one for the record books. Right up front, it explains what Shopify is, how many customers they serve, what you will get out of the deal and why you would want to give it a shot.

Furthermore, right below the “enter email address” field, you can see a reassurance that no credit card or risk is involved if you simply want to give their product a try. That’s marketing 101 right there, but it’s also placed appropriately which has more to do with design and user experience. As does the rest of the landing page — which keeps everything straightforward yet informative.

4. UberWeb Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

Ride-sharing is becoming more and more of a thing, and, of course, Uber is one of the most widely-known companies. However, even if you’ve never heard of Uber before and you land on their page, everything you need is right there at a glance. Through Uber you can become a driver, earn money for your time, and use it to pay bills or whatever else you’d like. There’s also a quick sign-up form to get you started.

As for everything else, the headline openly communicates the benefit of using the service, and the form makes conversions fast and easy.

5. One Point PartitionsWeb Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

One Point Partition’s website somehow, magically makes the concept of bathroom partitions appealing. Well, we shouldn’t say “magically” because clearly, they had a top-notch designer helping out. Land on their main page and automatically you see partitions being built in a creative background video. By itself, it’s actually pretty cool to watch, but when paired with the rest of the site elements, the engagement is near instantaneous.

As you scroll down, you can see the many different industries where partitions are used — presumably including your own if you’re a customer visiting the site. Below that, are quick links to helpful blog posts that offer some DIY advice. It’s a great setup, and it also serves as an excellent example.

6. AlexaWeb Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool sub-page is a classic example of a well-designed, minimal landing page meant to boost conversions and educate new or potential clients.

The headline and limited copy below detail benefits and purpose. The CTA button is a unique color, so it captures your attention and draws you in. The logo in the upper left corner is accompanied by an Amazon logo that helps to establish authority and trust. Finally, the footer tells you quickly, in list form, what the service can provide.

7. HubSpot

Web Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

Anyone looking to download HubSpot’s “13 Free Customizable eBook Templates” will be treated to a fabulous landing page. The animated GIF draws your attention down the page, and as you scroll, that same concept of eye-catching content and copy follows all the way through.

Of course, it all culminates in a simple, bottom-seated form that can be used to glean information from potential customers, before they make off with the free items. The beauty of this setup is that the customer may try to sail off into the sunset, but HubSpot’s marketing team can follow-up later thanks to the information they provided. Again, a core concept of marketing, facilitated and delivered through modern web design.

8. BlockScore

Web Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages

BlockScore — a relatively new startup in the user and business verification market — used their landing page to highlight each of their products, which include person- and business-oriented verification support. You’ll notice, however, that each product gets a mention, yet has its own page to denote they are separate.

Above that, is a simple intro visual with a C2A button offering a free trial, and another taking users to an additional info page. In the top right, there are options for returning users to log in, and opposite that you’ll find the company logo and important links.

More importantly, the stunning visuals are what really draw you in, particularly with the colors chosen. They’re bright and beautiful.

9. Flynn

 Web Design 9 Stunning Landing Pages
Throw away the duct tape, indeed, and say hello to Flynn’s website. Apparently, their service isn’t half bad, either, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

Just look at the incredible use of whitespace on this landing page. It helps the various elements and web copy stand out like a sore thumb, which in this case, is great. The demo video shows off what the company has to offer — it explains what Flynn actually is. As you scroll down, you’re treated to some alluring typography, structured and formatted in a unique way. There are multiple calls to action throughout the page, so you’re never too far away.

Flynn — at least regarding web design — is a good role model.

Follow the Leader(s)

A landing page doesn’t have to be boring, bland or ineffective if you know what you’re doing or have a good designer on your team. Yeah, we went there.

More importantly, it’s not inappropriate to look to the industry leaders and up-and-coming brands for inspiration. In fact, you can learn a lot from existing websites and their performance. You can use this to fine-tune your own landing pages, boosting your ranking, conversions and everything else you’re after.

Anyway, you get the point. Might as well head out and get working on that landing page redesign. You know you’re going to eventually