Dropbox is the leading file hosting platform, providing tools that allow customers to work more efficiently. COLLINS CCO was in charge of the project focusing on how to propel the company into the future, and support its growth namely from syncing files to syncing teams to do their best work. Collaborating closely with the Dropbox Brand Studio, they developed a new strategic and visual solution. Their insight was driven by the exceptional creative possibilities brought about by Dropbox tools working to make the everyday extraordinary.

Illustration Digital Art Dropbox Rebrand

The creative team visualized this through co-creation, and constantly evolving, unexpected combinations. The system sheds polite visual tropes in favor of non-conventional collisions; celebrating what’s possible when unexpected combinations of ideas, color, typography, art, illustration and photography are brought together.

The new system celebrates the strange, weird and wonderful moments of the creative process searching for different ways to look at the world, to be challenged, and to be inspired to make the best work establishing Dropbox as the fulcrum for creativity in our work lives.

Illustration Digital Art Dropbox RebrandIllustration Digital Art Dropbox RebrandIllustration Digital Art Dropbox RebrandIllustration Digital Art Dropbox Rebrand

Credits: Agency: COLLINS CCO: Matt Luckhurst Creative Director: Thomas Wilder Design Director: Jules Tardy Designers: Jump Jirakaweekul, David Nguyen, Caroline Bagley Account / Project Manager: Ian Anderson Strategists: Michele Kim, Anna Sternoff Partner Agencies: Dropbox Brand Studio, Instrument, Sharp Type, Animade, 72andsunny