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Russian tea market is highly competitive and have been in decay for a couple of years. Companies have to come up with new solutions in order to increase their market share. A tea company with years of experience, wide tea range and strong price positioning have decided to enter a B2C market.

The company asked the creative team to develop a new B2C tea brand from scratch – strategy, concept and design system. The brand had to communicate the following attributes: a unique storage technology, wide range, high quality and the attention to the consumer’s need.

Flavored Tea Packaging Design Inspiration

The core brand idea that sums up the brand platform is “Well-flavored tea. Outside and inside.” The tea is produced using classic recipes and advanced European technologies.

The package is pleasant to the eye and makes you anticipate a teatime. In other words, it is the tea for those who prefer beautiful lifestyle. Afterwards based on the brand strategy they developed a system of brand’s verbal and visual identification, including packaging and promo materials.

Flavored Tea Packaging Design InspirationFlavored Tea Packaging Design InspirationFlavored Tea Packaging Design InspirationFlavored Tea Packaging Design Inspiration

Project by Plenum

Brand Consultant Ilya Lazuchenkov
Creative Director Egor Myznik
Designer Darya Merzlikina
3D Visualizer Pavel Gubin
Video Designer Mikhail Konovalov
Copywriter Roman Urban
Chief Strategy Officer Andrey Silin
Project Director Ekaterina Lypkova

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