Over time, the ways the world defines art changes and grows. During the Baroque period, no one even dreamed of digital art, yet today much of the art we see is created digitally. Even web designs can be a work of art when created uniquely and interestingly. While traditional art is still alive and well, there are many different forms of art in today’s world and different types of artists making an impact on the world today.

New art is often referred to as Artistic Pluralism, which means it takes on many different shapes and forms. Today, artists feel free to express themselves across a wide variety of mediums and using many different techniques. Artists are also not pigeonholed by a single medium. A painter might also be a sculptor. A few art forms stand out today, though. Here are nine of them.

1. Web Design

Even though you might not immediately think of web design as an art, many art majors are working in this industry as designers. Think about the core of what art is. At the core, it is creating something beautiful or expressive from nothing. This is exactly what web designers do.

Perhaps the designer takes a photograph and uses that as the primary background image on a website. The site needs a unique font, so the designer hand letters a font for the brand. There are many elements of art within web design that must come together to create a cohesive whole.

Creative Art in Web Design

A quick glance at the overall design for KIND proves that this theme is art. The snacks are placed perfectly to draw the eye, the colors of vivid and bold and the layout works together to encourage the site visitor to go shopping. This is a beautiful and user-friendly website that draws the user in.

2. Back to Busts

Experts predict that people will return to museum quality busts in 2018 as part of their home décor. This opens up some possibilities for sculptors to come up with unique pieces that can be copied and mass produced or sold as individual pieces.

A bust is still a head made of stone, just as it has been since ancient Greek times, but today you can include a bust in your décor of anyone you’d like. With the rise in popularity of busts, expect to see more artists turning to this medium to create fresh new works of art.

3. Street Art

Some cities embrace street art, offering interesting murals to beautify their urban settings and add unique points of interest to the area. Street art is typically sanctioned by an organization, although some would argue that graffiti constitutes street art as well. Street art takes design to another level, creating more than just block letters, but placing beautiful images on outdoor walls throughout the area.

Creative Art in 2018

Marie Saudin, better known as Mademoiselle Maurice, takes the concept of street art, combines it with elements of origami and creates stunning displays of street art. Saudin is from France, but spent time in Japan, which inspired her to create these three-dimensional art displays.

4. Breakdancing

Dance has long been seen as a form of expression and art, but most people only think of styles like jazz and ballet. However, break dancing continues to emerge as a way dancers express their emotions and has become an art form in and of itself. This style of dance entered the dance world in the 80s, but today there are several official breakdancing competitions.

5. Repurposed Items

For many years, artists on a budget have turned junk into treasure. However, it isn’t just a matter of starving artistry in 2018. Instead, the ability to take some old and preserve it has become an emotional thing for many artists. This endeavor preserves our history while putting a fresh spin on old ideas.

Creative Art in 2018

Even something as simple as turning an old faucet into a wall hanging takes something old and makes it something new and creative. There are many repurposed items available on sites such as Etsy, where these artists sell their wares. However, the rise of Pinterest has also created a lot of amateur artists who take on creative projects and turn their junk into something amazing.

6. Social Media Art

There are many different social media sites, but one that stands out in 2018 is Instagram, which grows at a rapid pace. Instagram has around 800 million monthly users, rising to 800 million from 200 million in a few months. With that many users comes some definite preferences for the types of photos posted on the social media giant.

Most of the photos on the network are amateur photos, but there are a few gems hidden in the mix. It’s also an interesting trend to see filters begin to add personality to what would otherwise be basic photographs. Users of Snapchat, in particular, utilize these filters to add interest to their images. Even though it may not be seen as an official art form, it is a type of rendering, making it social media art. This seems appropriate for the digital world in which we live.

7. Odd Jewelry

Jewelry is a folk art of sorts, but some artists are stepping outside the comfort zone of using metals and gemstones and turning to unusual items. From taking old things and making them into something new to using materials one wouldn’t usually see in jewelry, artists in 2018 aren’t afraid to step outside the boundaries of traditional jewelry making.

Creative Art in 2018

One example of this out-of-the-box thinking is seen in the image above of a cotton swap necklace. Designer Ayano Eushima used 10 Q-tips to create a symmetrical necklace. The finished result has a strong geometric pattern and makes a bold statement.

8. Cakes as Art

A few major legal battles are going on in the United States that may define what is and isn’t art in 2018. One involves a cake baker and whether his cakes are considered art or not. The argument is that they are and he is expressing his inner being as an artist. The other side argues that cake is not art and there is discrimination involved.

It will be interesting to see how the case shakes out from an artistic standpoint. Are cake designers artists or not? What about the person who creates a culinary masterpiece — is that considered a form of art?

9. Murakami

A type of art and a specific artist, Murakami is bold colored Japanese anime type depictions in a variety of mediums. Takashi Murakami is a contemporary artist from Tokyo. His movement includes both high art and low brow art, and he often blends the two to create masterpieces you can’t take your eyes off of.

Art in 2018

The traditional art forms will never go out of style. People will still paint, sculpt and sketch, but they will also express themselves in new and varied ways. With more and more digital tools at artists’ disposal, expect even traditional art mediums to become digitized. One thing is for sure — artists will continue to surprise the world, and the world continues to need art for inspiration.