There is a very thin line between hard work and smart work. All of us have heard our share of inspirational quotes which emphasise the importance of hard work. This quality was embedded deep into us right from childhood. Like most of the lessons from school, we will have to figure out how to implement them in our real lives.

There is an additional element required to navigate the rough waters and it is called smartness. Most of the modern innovations were created with the assistance of this vision, and this has, in fact, saved a lot of time and effort. Some people might argue that these inventions have made humankind lazy, but they have motivated them to manage time in a better way and opportunity to explore even greater things. These discoveries were created with assistance from latest technologies. Most of the comforts of our daily lives are a product of this trend.

The influence of these advancements has served as a boon to the commercial industry as well. The impact of these AI-based inventions has been experienced more in the small-scale industries. These companies have served as the inevitable pillars of the community both for heritage and local economy. However, this is an extensive field with a huge array of options. The challenge lies in identifying the right partner for their growth and sustenance. These tools should be easy to implement, affordable and customisable.

Marketing Strategies and Top Tools for Business Grow

Here are top tools that can help them to grow effortlessly:


How efficient is a plan? Most of us have had plans at some point in our lives. We have either achieved it or grown out of it. A plan is one of the most essential elements required for the growth of all companies. The importance amplifies when it comes to a small business. These entities are managed by a team who is expected to be a jack of all trades. This translates to the need for a solid fail-proof plan. Having a vision board, along with an action plan, is essential. Trello allows companies to create the various vital milestones along with tasks and schedules. It helps companies to increase their productivity. The application has also a multi-user option. Multiple projects can be added and maintained at the same time.


Zoho is a pioneer in the field of project management application. The company offers innovative solutions in the field of human resources, marketing, sales, database management, finance, and information technology. They can be accessed as a collective package or individually based on the requirement of the clients. One of the notable features of the application is the user-friendly control panel and guideline. Most of these solutions come with a limited trial period which helps the small businesses to have a preview before making the purchase. The company has managed to tackle the issue of productivity management by enabling a customised report generation technique. Every aspect of the program can be tweaked to meet the client’s demands and has proven to be highly effective. The company assures complete security and has a stringent privacy policy. The customer team is remotely managed and is available round the clock.


The logo is no longer just another design and has gained more prominence in the past decades. It has emotional connectivity to the brand, and has more influence on entrepreneurs, especially owners of small businesses. An entrepreneur establishes a company not only for financial gain, but also as a passion. Every element of the brand vibrates with this ideology and the same goes for the logo design. Designhill’s logo maker is one of the best tools in the industry. Their artificial intelligence guided- platform guides users through a series of visual stimulation which helps them to incorporate their philosophy into the logo. Unlike the offline designers, this virtual entity allows the consumers to make multiple tries until they achieve excellence. It does not stop with logo creation but offers a glimpse of the virtual collateral guide. This manual helps the brands to identify and connect with their ideal logo. It is user-friendly and available at affordable packages.


What is the role of social media in our daily lives? Every brand relies on this medium to ensure an ideal position for them in the digital world. It has become mandatory for the companies to position themselves in the medium to garner the attention of their clientele. It becomes quite a tedious task to manage the content creation, posting, analysis and maintenance of multiple pages by a single person. It becomes even tricky when collaborated with other functions. Hootsuite does all the scheduling, posting, analytics and even competitor tracking. There are both standard and customised packages available which can be selected based on the company’s requirements.

Mail Chimp

How do you stay connected with your customer? What would be the most personalized approach?

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to assist brands to achieve this goal. However, all companies require a valuable email partner to maintain this connection. The application should be unified and assist in the creation of innovative designs, mass emails and data analysis. This action, which is impossible with the general mail program, can be accomplished by Mail Chimp. The platform allows you to create aesthetically pleasing templates. It also enables you to stay in touch with your consumers. There are different kinds of templates available which are segregated by industry and e-mailer type. The application also provides an analysis on the success of the campaign by analysing on the number of emails delivered, opened and clicked. The online logo maker offers the preview of the logo in all the brand collaterals.

Top Tools for Business Grow and Marketing Strategies

The Bottom-line

How do you identify the right application for your business? It can be done by gathering feedback from the peers and even competitors. Online reviews have been an exemplary source of information. Most of the tools offer a limited time period and this experience will guide you in making the right decision. Some companies like Designhill Logo maker and Zoho has won the hearts of their clients through their quality service and affordable reviews. The software is a long-term investment and it could take some in finding an ideal one. It is important to keep an open mind and trust your instincts.

AUTHOR: Alice Jackson

Alice is a Blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant at a crowdsourcing company, Designhill. She is a social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, content marketing, designing trends, startup strategies, and e-commerce. When not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels.

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