Is your small business on Facebook yet? If not, it should be! Facebook is still the top social media network in the world. It has more than 1.79 billion active users every month, which means no matter who your target audience is, you can direct ads and content to those specific people.

Many people have a personal Facebook page, and when they start a business, they simply share news on that same page. However, your small business really should have a separate Facebook page for a number of reasons. You can always share info from your business page to your personal page, but you’ll open up the floodgates of people you’re able to reach on a business page versus personal page.

If you aren’t on social media at all, Facebook is a great place to start because it’s the most popular social media site worldwide. Here are some of the top reasons your business should have a Facebook page.

1. Keep Customers Updated

A Facebook page allows your loyal customers to follow you and stay posted on what new products you have and developments within your company. In the past, you might send out an email or a postcard in the snail mail, but now you can update people where they spend their time — on social media.

Cabin Grill is a small food truck business in southern Indiana. Since hours and places a food truck operates vary, having a Facebook page to update customers is vital. Customers simply pop on Cabin Grill’s Facebook page, and they can see the menu for that day as well as what hours the truck will be available.

2. Create Multi-Media

It isn’t always easy to share infographics in a way that reaches people or create a meme on the fly for a website. However, with social media, infographics are widely shared. People tend to respond to visuals even better on social media.

Just make sure that the things you share tie back to your overall branding goals. Social media is a way to drive engagement and increase brand recognition. However, if the tone of your brand doesn’t match across all experiences the customer has with your brand, it can create confusion and lack of trust.

3. Build a Community

Another big reason your small business needs a Facebook page is to build a community. Groups are easily created and connected to your business page. This activity allows you to interact with customers, and the opportunities here are endless. Use the platform to educate or add a human touch.

The Pioneer Woman — Ree Drummond — has a thriving Facebook page with the community tied right in. Note how there is a link to the community in the left sidebar. Anytime she posts an update or recipe, people can discuss, comment and interact. This process is a good way to keep customers engaged.

4. Take Advantage of Inexpensive Marketing

Marketing on Facebook is actually pretty inexpensive compared to other types of marketing. While statistics vary widely from campaign to campaign, Facebook allows you to very specifically target an audience by geo-location, by interests and even by gender, age and any number of other factors. This specificity results in a cost per click rate much lower than that of other sources. The result is a highly targeted list of leads too.

5. Gather Reviews

Reviews truly do matter. Eighty-eight percent of consumers factor in reviews when making a decision to buy something. Yet coming by those reviews isn’t always easy, particularly for new business owners. Sure, you can ask for them, but people don’t always follow through.

Adding a review option to your Facebook page makes gathering reviews super simple and increases the likelihood that your customers will share their thoughts. You can even prompt them to share a review on your page.

Auntie Kim’s Cat Beds features one-of-a-kind beds for your finicky feline. Because they offer a boutique product, people may feel a bit uncertain about purchasing from them. It’s a smart move for them to turn on their reviews so that consumers can see what those who’ve already bought have to say. This feature also allows them to collect testimonials to use in future promotions.

6. Improve Your Reach

Anything you can do to improve your reach on the Internet is a positive for your business. There’s a lot of competition out there, and standing out from the crowd — or at least keeping up with the crowd — is important to your success. A presence on social media allows the search engines to see that you run a legitimate business with multiple ways for consumers to reach you.

Putting your business out there every single day gives you an opportunity to reach people every single day. While there might be times you only gain a single customer from your efforts, that’s one more customer than you had before. The effort is like a snowball gaining momentum as it rolls along. Over time, you’ll notice your reach is wider and wider.

Start With Facebook

Facebook is a smart place to start with your social media presence. The ability to target your ads and the massive reach of this social media giant make it the top choice for many businesses. Once you’ve mastered Facebook, don’t limit yourself to just that social media channel. There are many different platforms out there.

Figure out where your audience spends most of their time, and add a presence in more than one place. With a little effort and a lot of research, you’ll reach new customers in your specific demographic and build your business one social media post at a time.